Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil 175 ml

Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil 175 ml

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Harvest Date: October 2023

Discover the perfect balance of citrus zest and olive richness with Gaia Oliva's Orange Olive Oil. Utilizing the time-honored Agrumato method, we blend the tangy vibrancy of fresh oranges with our select Ayvalik olives to craft an oil that's both aromatic and deeply flavorful.

Through our cold-pressed process, we capture and preserve the authentic essence of these two Mediterranean treasures. The result is a refreshing and invigorating addition to your culinary palette. Whether you're drizzling it over crisp salads, incorporating it into marinades, or giving a citrusy lift to your desserts, our Orange Olive Oil is designed to enhance every dish, imparting the bright and lively notes of ripe oranges.