Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 175 ml

Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 175 ml

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Harvest Date: October 2023

Experience the essence of Mediterranean craftsmanship with our Lemon Olive Oil, meticulously crafted using the traditional Agrumato Method. We combine the rich flavors of early-harvest Ayvalik olives with the zestiness of freshly milled lemons. Harvested in 2023, our oil boasts a captivating lemon aroma with a subtle peppery undertone. Its taste profile unfolds with intricate layers of lemon zest, adding a delightful complexity to every sip.

Whether you're drizzling it over salads, pasta, hummus, or grilled and roasted vegetables, its vibrant flavor effortlessly elevates your dishes. Transform your culinary creations from ordinary to extraordinary with our Lemon Olive Oil, a testament to quality, flavor, and tradition.