Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the highest quality olive oil. It must be free from any alterations in color, taste, or chemicals.

The “extra virgin” refers to oil that is unrefined and cold-pressed without heat and has gone through additional certification to ensure its purity and quality.

We believe the freshest olive oil is the best tasting olive oil. To ensure optimal freshness, the production process was designed to get the oil from the olive to the packaging as quickly as possible.

Our Early Harvest Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using unique types olives as Memecik, Ayvalik and Trilye grown with good agriculture in a single estate in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Shortly after harvest, a cold-pressed method using Mori-Tem technology, which preserves its nutritional values and the flavor at the maximum level, is left to rest overnight and then it is automatically filled into bottles in an airless environment.

Gaia Oliva EVOO is always harvested early. “Early Harvest” is a designation given to extra virgin olive oils that are harvested early in the season and produced within 4 hours. Early harvest olives are still unripe and have the highest polyphenol content.

Polyphenols are a group of naturally-occurring, plant-based chemicals found in a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds and spices - including olives. Like other antioxidants, polyphenols are proven to fight against aging-related diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as certain types of cancer. In addition to their anti-aging properties, polyphenols contain strong anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it’s thought that two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day is enough to provide these anti-inflammatory benefits.

The benefits of olive oil can be attributed to its nutritional composition. It contains a decent amount of vitamins K and E, and plenty of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids. Packed with powerful antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil is proven to help reduce chronic inflammation and improve bloodvessel linings reducing the risk of stroke. EVOO also tends to have positive effects on blood sugar levels, can improve bone health, assist in weight loss, and protect against specific cancers.

A good extra virgin olive oil will offer a range of flavors from fruity, floral and buttery, to a slightly bitter or peppery aftertaste. It will smell fresh with hints of olive and maybe even a grassy aroma. In contrast, old or low quality oil will taste old and stale.

When olive oil is exposed to oxygen, light, and heat, it may become rancid. Industry experts recommend storing extra virgin olive oil at room temperature in a sealed opaque container in a dark place away from the stove or other heat producers.


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