As a female entrepreneur, I always dreamed of creating a healthy brand of delicious olive oil pleasant to the palate for my family and friends. I also wanted everyone to experience the purity and calm of nature. I set out on my journey to make the people living in the constant chaos of cities understand the natural experience of walking in an olive grove.

Blending my years of business experience with my determination of raising our kids with an appreciation for good meal prepared with healthy ingredients and living a healthy lifestyle, I decided to produce honest, high-quality olive oil from Memecik and Ayvalik olives grown and harvested thoughtfully by local farmers in the Northern Aegean Region of Turkey.

Our garden grove, the home of 80,000 trees, is huge and lush with the heavenly smell of olives filling the air.

Since ancient times, olive leaves have been the symbol of victory, wisdom and peace, and its juice is described as liquid gold, even today.

Always with an eye on respecting and protecting the mother Earth, we use olives grown with sustainable agricultural methods, never harming the trees and fruits and we are proud to offer to you the nutritious and healing properties of olives, and have the honor of adding our unique flavor to your table.

We collect our olives in the early period when they are still completely green. Unlikely many larger producers, we press our fresh olives within 2-4 hours we're harvested without the need for any human contact, in an air-free environment. We use MoriTem technology, which is designed to protect the phenolic components contained in it at the highest level. After resting the olive oil for a night, we filter it and transfer it to the tanks. With this process we can prevent spoilage and acidification that may occur in our olive oil.

We produce Gaia Oliva, which is beneficial to health, nutritious, and volatile components in our newly picked olives, and has high polyphenol and complex flavor notes.

We immediately bottled all of the olive oil produced, the entire crop of that year right after a very short resting period of time. Since dark glass bottles offer the best conditions for storing olive oil, we exclusively use these bottles for our olive oils and share them with you.