Gaia Oliva is not just any company, it is a beacon of sustainability, traceability and preservation, where quality optimization is not just a goal, but a passion. With an unwavering commitment to respecting the land and promoting viable agriculture, Gaia Oliva has found its nest in the heart of the fertile and rolling hills of the Aegean region.


Unlike many larger producers, we collect our olives when they're still completely green, and we press them within just 2-4 hours of harvesting, in an air-free environment, without any human contact. We use MoriTem technology, which is designed to protect the phenolic components of olives at the highest level, and after resting the olive oil for a night, we filter it and transfer it to the tanks, to prevent spoilage and acidification.


Our Gaia Oliva is a blend of volatile components and high polyphenol content, with complex flavor notes that are both nutritious and beneficial to health. We bottle all of our olive oil immediately after production, right after a short resting period. And since dark glass bottles offer the best conditions for storing olive oil, we exclusively use them to ensure the best quality for our customers. So, join us in savoring the goodness of Gaia Oliva and experience the rich, heavenly taste of nature in every drop.