About Us

A Unique Flavor...

These trees do not belong to us... but to those who have found peace in their shade for years, and who produce with hygiene and honesty through blood, sweat, and tears. These trees belong to us… to a culture and tradition imprinted in our genes like Göbeklitepe, Ephesus and Grand Bazaar… We now blend this tradition with the modern advanced production techniques, and produce high-quality olive oil from specially selected olives to gladly share it with you. We produce high quality cold-pressed olive oil with advanced methods, preserving and revealing the smell, aroma and nutritional values of carefully-selected olives from olive trees at the highest level.

Our garden grove, the home of 80,000 trees, is huge, lush with the heavenly smell of olives... We collect our olives in crates from the grove with good agricultural practices, and take them to the facility for pressing as soon as possible. Thus, we arrive at the nearby facility before our olives start to acidify.

Just a few hours after picking the olives, we start the pressing with fresh olives. We use one of the advanced equipment used by boutique manufacturers around the world. Thanks to this equipment, we press our olives without any human contact in an air-free environment. Thus, we preserve the healthy, nutritious and volatile components in our freshly-picked olives. This is one of the reasons behind our ability to produce olive oil with very high polyphenols. We finish the pressing process accompanied by wonderful smells.

We filter the resulting oil as soon as possible and transfer it to the tanks. This process prevents any deterioration and acidification in our olive oil.

We immediately bottle all the olive oil produced, the entire crop of that year, after a very short resting period since dark glass bottles offer the best conditions for storing olive oil. We are a boutique manufacturer. That’s why we bottle our olive oils fresh from the tanks without a long resting period, and share them with you.

Since ancient times, the olive leaves are the symbol of victory, wisdom and peace, and its juice is described as liquid gold. Thanks to our modern production techniques we are proud to offer to you the nutritious and healing properties of olives, and to add flavor to your tables.